Story Seeds – Day 3: Out here

Out here, the woods will capture you.  Weather creeps in cautiously, as rain and snowflakes stumble between branches and it is unclear, at first, if the sky truly has something to say.  You hear the rain before you feel it.  You have to stop to decipher any sounds of rain or pine needles or snapped twigs.  And most of what you hear, you cannot see.  No matter how you search.  Then, whatever the woods collects from the sky, refuses to leave long after the fields have dried.  Rain gathers for days, flooding the roots and bramble to create unexpected creeks and ponds.  Spots of snow gleam from the brownest muck of winter and ice glazes the tips of branches.  Meanwhile, light has fairly strict parameters around the edge of forest, with the brief extended reach of sunrise and sunset, depending on where you stand.  And then there’s the wind.  Out here, one can almost forget about the wind.  It will catch you in the clearings and only then will you look up to see the tops of trees swaying like feathers.  Out here, the wind has to get pretty rowdy before it will be allowed a low blow.      

The children stay for hours, forgetting all about the sky and time and food and home.  So it is really no wonder that when Nellie took just a few more steps, to confirm that trick of light, she found something she would never find again, something she would never forget…

~ Megan M. Codera

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