Story Seeds – Day 8: Offshore

The ferry slowed and groaned long before they could see the shore.  Fog hovered over the still water and it seemed unlikely they had already crossed the sound.  The trip was supposed to take over an hour, but no more than twenty minutes could have passed.  Most of the passengers didn’t seem to notice.  When Becca saw several of the crew racing around the upper deck, she tugged at Adam’s arm and pointed.  He didn’t follow her gesture and gave her a nod as he started to head for the stairs.  She pulled him back and told him she thought they’d stopped already.  They both looked out at the water and fog, trying to tell if they were moving.  They turned back to watch the crew, without really being able to gauge the bustle.  The water was so still, and even as it waved against the side of the ship, it was impossible to tell if they had really stopped.  Then anchor released and descended into the water.

~ Megan M. Codera

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