Story Seeds – Day 14: Hindsight

Janey was the kind of mom everyone simultaneously avoided and envied. She was so exceptionally capable and bright and just an absolute pleasure to be around. She made things happen – fundraisers, parent meetings, gifts and awards for all the deserving contributors.  Her husband, Ron, was gorgeous and made it obvious how much he adored his wife – giving her all the credit for the events they sponsored, for always “keeping him in line.” Their kids, Jason and Ally, were only slightly above average.  Jason made varsity soccer as a sophomore and was so obsessed with the Robotics club that he struggled to relate to humans.  Ally played the trumpet in Jazz Band and wrote plain poems she gave herself liberty, as editor, to print too frequently in the school flyer.

Janey and Ron never missed a concert, never missed a meeting or deadline.  They always showed up together early and were the last to leave, after everything had been put away.  So when neither of them appeared at the biggest event of the year, the Spring Fling, everyone was certain there had been an accident, that someone must have died.  But none of us would have guessed that Ron had been  terrorizing them for the past few years.

~ Megan M. Codera

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