Story Seeds – Day 15: Soft Bones

It might be common to find bones in the woods, but not here. These woods are surrounded by houses, defined by houses.  So when Rhoney found a skeleton just off the trail, she was sure it was a deer.  But the form was smaller and more slender.  It had been there long enough that the bones were clean and soft with the damp, with the insurmountable amount of rain from the winter.  And when she determined it could be a dog, she covered it up with fallen branches.  It laid there as if he had gone out there to die and no one noticed.  

Here, everyone has a dog and none have gone missing.  Not having a dog would be like not having a front door.  Everyone would notice.  And since there weren’t any other houses for miles, the remains of a dog that never existed would raise questions.    

~ Megan M. Codera

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