Story Seeds – Day 16: Upstairs

Each story has pockets full of alternate stories, sometimes hidden and sometimes only partially revealed, like the corner of a handkerchief.  The stories may overlap and tangle and even if they overlap it can often be difficult to tell where it really begins and where it ends.  And everyone who hears that story only grabs a small part of the story.  So when it’s shared again, it becomes a different story.  The missing parts mean just as much as the shared parts.  So it’s true when they say no one really knows what happened to Anna in the tower. And why she refuses to leave.

This is what we do know.  Several girls told the story of how Holly lured her up there in confidence, pretending to be her new best friend. Several girls know this because she did it to them too.  And everyone was always too afraid to say anything.  This time, it went too far.  Holly brought Anna up there as a secret getaway for just the two of them.  Then, in the middle of the night, she locked her up there and left and told no one.  Holly was one of the first to join the search for Anna, leading her own team.  Some say, it’s possible she snuck up to the tower and somehow convinced Anna to stay there.   Because when they found her there several days later, hidden in the wall, the door wasn’t even locked.  

~ Megan M. Codera

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