Story Seeds – Day 17: The Hole by the Sea

Thomas had searched the Atlantic coast over the years, certain that rock had to be along there somewhere, the one that kept coming back to him.  And surely, he thought, he would have remembered if there was a journey across the country, to another coast.  But there was never anyone to ask, no one to verify these snips of that sparkling rock by the sea that kept slipping in.  His parents were long gone and his sister stopped speaking to him years ago, just before their parents passed.  And it sounded so ridiculous, he never dared to mention it to his wife or his grown children.

Caroline had a friend from college she visited in Portland every few years and this year, she suggested Thomas come out toward the end of the visit so they could take a road trip down the coast.  She’d been trying to get him out there for years.  And now that he’d retired for the third time, she thought if she got him across the country for a month or two, it would be a little more difficult for them to pull him back in.  

He searched up pictures of Hwy 101 while she watched her shows and asked her about Haystack Rock.  Wasn’t that in that movie the kids…Yes, Goonies.  

~ Megan M. Codera

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