Story Seeds – Day 20: Tomorrow

Due to lack of interest, tomorrow is cancelled.  With all the whining about Monday, she is finally giving up the stage and just letting Tuesday try the show.  Everything that was scheduled to happen will be delayed by a day, or may not happen at all.  Some of you may have waited months or years for tomorrow – a birth, a wedding, a promotion, a transplant.  Well, you can thank the whiners, all the Negative Nancies out there, for shunning Monday offstage and ruining your life.  Clearly your joy wasn’t shared enough to keep up the good spirits.  No one would have done this to Friday or Saturday.  And why does Tuesday get to step up?  It’s just a day to get something done to get you one step closer to the rest of the week.  And as much as everyone scoffs at Wednesday, its “Hump Day” motto gave it a new face, a new hope with the half-way mark.  Thursday is so close to Friday that it’s easily forgiven as part of the week.  But poor Monday, just trying to lead the week, give a boost in sales and kick off another batch of seven days to fill with life.  And you all bullied her away…    

~ Megan M. Codera

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