Story Seeds – Day 21: Pull Over

A red bike slowed the morning traffic on the corner of Harrison and 12th.  It looked like an old Schwinn, with an empty basket behind the seat.  Clearly, it was left in haste, thrown down partially on the street and the curb.  Even without a body or an apparent accident, the commuters slowed to avoid it, slowed to get a look at the scene.  But no one stopped at first to just move the bike, so the cars backed up for miles.  By the time Garrett approached the area, he caught sight of the bike and turned onto 12th.  The nearest neighborhood was at least a couple of miles up the hill and no one seemed to be around.  He pulled the bike off the road and leaned it against the street sign.  As he walked back to his car, he realized his hands were wet from where he’d grabbed the handles, but it wasn’t water.

~ Megan M. Codera

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