We take turns going down
to the water
while the kids start digging.

I walk through the stench
of dried tide,
pretending to like the wind.

I stop to take pictures
as the waves
carry in lost Purple Sailors.

Too many families fly kites
and chase seagulls
while yelling at their dogs.

The kids dig deep enough
to hide her
and wait to show me.

He gears up his pole
for the surf,
swearing just a few casts.

The hole finds its way
beneath the driftwood
while I sit reading poems.

Everything that isn’t with us
is still there,
we just can’t hear it.

~ Megan M. Codera

*NaPoWriMo combo of poem prompts for Day 1 & Day 2: write a lune (American haiku) and a family portrait.  And here we have eight lunes into a family portrait by the sea.

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