How We Are

We do not quite hold
as I hoped we would
by now.
But we do share songs
and books and a love
for words and stories
that rarely need
further discussion; 
just by encouraging
each other to listen,
we hear what the world
is trying to say.
We struggle
to talk
about practical things,
like the future
and pain.
each morning,
as we drive toward the day,
we both look
for the mountain
as we come around
the curve.

~ Megan M. Codera

2 thoughts on “How We Are

  1. Very emotional poem. Your descriptions made me feel as though in the described situation, Silence is that beautiful and touching song, and not a threat. I do hope it is like that, and stays like that, and if not, that books, and love and the mountains will sing, instead.


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