Morning Light

Dark blue between
the shadows of the trees
and I still have time
to get out there
before the day comes
barreling in.
Wish I could drop this
digital dependency
like we do
when we are camping,
or visiting friends on the farm.
A fine poet said,
You live by the light you find.
And why not?
Wake with the light
and brew coffee
in the dim kitchen.
Go outside and do
whatever needs to be done.  
Discover the things
underneath the bushes,
take a different trail.
Get a little lost.
And then follow
the fading light home.
Start dinner and let it simmer
while you take your pole
down to the river
to watch the sun trying
something different
with the clouds.
On the way back up to the house,
as you put away the chickens
an owl flies up over the rooftop
and lands in the tallest ponderosa pine.

~ Megan M. Codera

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