Lost Boot

We packed the back
of the car
with buckets, metal rakes
and spades.
We bribed the kids
with milkshakes
from the roadside
burger stand.
The clouds
to make a fuss
but we ignored them,
along with the kids’ sighs,
knowing all would settled
when we reached
the shore –
the low tide
letting us go
so far
toward the sea.
We sat on spare buckets
to save our backs
and cheered
at each colony of clams
we found
below clusters of oyster shells.
We dug our limits
within minutes
And yet
none of us wanted
to let go
of the thrill
under that bright
and complicated sky.
Until the tide
snuck right up
through the sand,
took hold
of you and the boy.
When your feet came out
of the boots,
you stood strong
in soaked socks
to try to save
the boots.
But one of his boots
would not let go.
One of his boots
is still
filled with sea.

~ Megan M. Codera

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